The Money Question.

How do you pay your bills?

That’s a common and fair question we get asked and we ask of others we meet on a similar path because we are interested in learning. We will be as honest as possible to give you a fair idea of how to make this work too! We want this page and site to be as a collaborative as possible and a collection of the ways you might be able to make this work, should you decide that you want to “break the mold” of society.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: we cut our bills waaaaaay down. Before moving into a minimalist lifestyle our combined bills ran around $11k/month. Which is a lot, yes, but that’s being honest and including everything; rent, food, travel…all our bills & luxuries. That was the price of being locked into the standard “American Dream”.  Additionally, that figure was for two separate households.  To be fair now we have one, and moving in together would likely have cut down on expenses anyways (yes, we moved in together for the first time into the van!). Now in our minimalist/vagabond lifestyle our bills are around $2.5k/month (and now that we’ve left the US,  is closer to $1.5k/ month) and still allow us to have an incredible life.   Crazy, right?   We’ll also break this down in later posts on the topic.

Yes- we cut down our bills by about 75%!!!

So, then suddenly what we need to make is much, much easier and plausible to do from the road. Cutting down/minimizing is one of the key things we would recommend as crucial to being free to really doing what you desire, or allowing yourself to be open to the ways that this can work. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice everything you enjoy, it just requires you to really prioritize and think about what is truly important to you and work from there.

Now we don’t have so much pressure to make so much money – not needing as much money we are free to be a little more creative with how we do it.



The following are some of the ways in which we generate income:

1) Together, we have built a NUTRITIONAL WEBSITE. We feel there is an overabundance of nutritional products, much of which our bodies don’t actually absorb and use and some that may even harm us! We wanted to make a contribution, research and curate a small range of products that your body can actually absorb and then actually help you to reach your potential and live well. Check out and if you need or buy nutritionals, please consider buying, and help support us in both these endeavors! 😉

2) Josh also had been fortunate to make some good money in recent years. While his expenses obviously grew, he also tried to stay fairly smart and saved a bit. This past year year and a half, he invested some of that into a REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT, which was a lifelong dream realized. The amount wasn’t huge and where normally he would need many of those investments to generate enough income to pay for everything, living minimally well….. you get the picture! If you are interested in investing, or even just have a small amount of savings you want to find ways to make that money work for you, contact us as we love to brainstorm and there are ways still to invest for impressive returns!

3) I (Chantelle) came from a low-wage, government, neuroscience job, so I have a technical skill set to use for contract work. Again the nice thing is I only need a few contracts now and then to make enough money! Learn more here: I am also currently working on a masters in COMPUTER SCIENCE completely online and thus demonstrating if you have any technical interest, the world is utilizing the internet more and more and thus there is more and more of a space to work and learn online too. Find your interests and gifts and see where they may fit online! I never imagined there way work for me outside of a physical office and now I see how blinded I was…

4) Looking farther out for us(this is touching on goals now) Josh also attended the “Purpose Guide Institute” or PGI to become a certified “Purpose Guide”. With this, he has also been stepping back into his old profession and passion, video/FILMMAKING and photography and using that to further our goals, as well as to help spread the word on Purpose Guiding and what it can do for society and people as a whole.  In a perfect mix he edits videos for this school, check them out here:


We love to brainstorm and if you have any questions, suggestions or want more details just ask away!!  

How do we thrive while on the road?

We believe nutrition and giving back is vital!