We want to share our story and the stories of people we meet along our way that have amazed and inspired us, in hopes of encouraging and inspiring YOU.




Born & raised in California, I love to surfing, cycling, riding the snowy mountains, motorcycles a good laugh, experiencing all kinds music, making videos and (techno) music. Even more I love to challenge the world and myself. This has led me down many adventures, I was head of sales in a company where I found a great amount of success, it showed me there is more to explore within yourself and the world aside from just financial success! I have since went to school as a purpose guide, sold my nice new shiny house, the cars and the belongings to instead live minimally. In 2016 I bought the van to get out of my comfort zone & explore life a little differently, without the typical routine and confounds of life. Through this we hope to learn & grow & see the world in a new ay & share it with all of you!




Mk loves running after squirrels, licking childrens’ faces and eating chicken. Her primary need is to get and give attention and loves to cuddle. She is insanely ball obsessed and most of the time you can find her convincing some poor soul to throw her ball for her. She loves long walks and long runs with Chantelle and recently learned how to swim. Which was a massive accomplishment since she was once scared of small puddles (she can be a bit of a scaredy cat about nearly anything).  She nearly pees her fur with excitement when she gets to play with children and she seems to have a way to get dog and non-dog lovers alike into falling in love with her.




I was born and bread with curiosity and an excitement for the unknown in a place called Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, a cold flat place that teaches you strength and durability. I started traveling as a teenage and ever since my little heart has been wandering, always excited about what another adventure brings. I love to see and experience things different then what I know and understand. I love to fly around the mountain on a snowboard, yoga, surfing, laughing, a good music night, some hearty social neuroscience debates, chocolate & a full belly. Early in 2016 I quit my stable 9-5 neuroscience research job at UCLA and moved into the Van with Josh & MK full time and ever since have been living, loving, learning and growing while exploring the Pan-American Highway and beyond. I hope I can share some of the things that I learn with you.

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